Argentina Investigates Worldcoin Over Data Privacy Concerns: Project at Risk of Shutdown

12. August 2023 Aus Von admin

• Argentina has initiated an investigation into the data practices of Worldcoin, a biometric ID and wallet initiative.
• The government’s inquiry follows legal allegations raised by Data Governance Latam partner Daniel Monastersky.
• Several authorities in other countries have also questioned Worldcoin’s privacy policies.

Argentina Investigates Worldcoin

The government of Argentina has launched an investigation into the data practices of Worldcoin, a biometric ID and wallet initiative. This action was taken in response to legal allegations made by Data Governance Latam partner Daniel Monastersky. These concerns center around potential Personal Data Protection Act breaches and non-compliance regarding how biometric data is managed. The Public Information Access Agency (AAIP) has issued directives to the WordCoin Foundation for them to adhere to protocols outlined under the Personal Data Protection Act.

Global Concerns Over Privacy Issues

Argentina is not alone in raising questions about potential privacy issues related to Worldcoin. The Information Commissioner’s Office in the United Kingdom and the National Commission of Informatics and Liberty (CNIL) in France have both voiced their concerns as well. The Bavarian State Office for Data Protection Supervision also expressed its apprehension over these matters.

AAIP Directive To WorldCoin Foundation

In light of these complaints, AAIP has mandated that the WordCoin Foundation follow several procedures laid out by their organization, including: registering with AAIP; providing details about data handling practices; specifying purpose behind collecting data; disclosing duration of data retention; and outlining security/confidentiality protocols employed for protecting personal information belonging to Argentine citizens engaging with the project.

Government Declaration

The Argentinian government declared that they “will take appropriate steps to address any identified issues and ensure that [WordCoin] complies with security and privacy standards.“ Furthermore, should any violations be found during this investigation process, they are committed to taking necessary actions towards rectifying them so as to bring Worldcoin into compliance with established benchmarks concerning protection of information privacy rights.

Kenya Suspended WorldCoin Post-Launch

Prior to this current inquiry being launched, Kenya suspended WordCoin post-launch and raided its Nairobi center due to similar apprehensions over its operations there. It remains unclear at this time what consequences may arise from either this or any other ongoing investigations concerning WordCoin’s activities worldwide