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An Honest BitQT Review in 2022

Posted on 5. November 2022 in Bitcoin

BitQT is a tool for trading which reportedly makes use of algorithms and signals from trading to make bets for customers with accounts. The bots that trade use APIs to make trades on many of the most sought-after cryptocurrency assets. We’ll discuss the major benefits and drawbacks of BitQT and discussing whether the platform is legitimate or not. Read our complete review for more details.


What Is BitQT?

BitQT is operated exactly the same way as the majority of other automated trading platforms. It assigns brokers to customers who have accounts and then executes trades on these brokerages through APIs and algorithms. BitQT keeps track of the cryptocurrency market and makes trades when the conditions are in line with your preferences (if you have set your own). Customers can also utilize the demo tool to design strategies for trading.

BitQT is aimed at traders who are just beginning to learn about trading. The site discusses the potential risks and rewards when trading Bitcoin and includes an FAQ that users might need to know about trading with a bot.

BitQT Overview

Robot Type: Trading Robot
Official BitQT Website? https://bitqt-app.com/
Minimum Deposit: $250
Is It a Scam or Legit? Legit
Claimed Win Rate: 90%
Trading Fees: 2% Commission on Profit
Account Fees: None
Deposit/Withdrawal Fees: None
Software Cost: Free
Withdrawal Timeframe: 24 Hours
# Number of Cryptocurrencies Supported: 14
Supported Cryptocurrencies: BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, XRP
Supported Fiats: USD, EUR, GBP
Leverage: 1:1000
Native Mobile App: Yes
Free Demo Account: Yes
Customer Support: Email
Verification Required: KYC
Automated Trading: Yes
CFD Available Yes

BitQT – Visit Now

Pros and cons of using BitQT


Registration is quick

The interface for users is extremely user-friendly

Many crypto assets that are popular are accessible

Numerous charts and tools are available to help traders make better trade


There are many negative reviews on the internet.

Bots for trading are extremely risky and could result in losing funds

Support for customers is not easy to reach


Who Is The BitQT Owner?

The concept of creating BitQT was born by a group of traders who recognized the necessity of automated strategies to maximise their profit. The traders then joined forces with software developers to ensure that BitQT is equipped with cutting-edge technology that can provide you with information-driven insight to make trading choices. In addition the company’s owners monitor the cryptocurrency market and regularly make changes to the robot in response to changes to ensure that you don’t miss every opportunity to earn money.

Getting Started With BitQT

BitQT has top technology that allows it to navigate the market for crypto and decide on the trends that can benefit your trading. The software is easy to use, and registration for an account is fairly simple. Here’s a brief outline of the steps-by-step procedure of how to set up your trading account and then trade with BitQT.

  • Step 1.Create an account with Trading.
  • Step 2.Deposit the funds (USD 500 minimum).
  • Step 3.Activate BitQT. Trade.

BitQT Markets, Assets, and Options

What Cryptocurrencies and Products Can You Trade Using BitQT?

Be aware that BitQT does not support any different trading options other than the cryptocurrencies supported. Thus, you must confirm the availability of your cryptocurrency prior to making use of it to automatize your trading. If you are a trader who wants to diversify their portfolios across different markets, such as forex and stocks We suggest you look at other robots for trading that support these currencies.

What Leverage Trading Options Are There?

BitQT operates alongside a variety of brokers that allow CFD trading that leverages. CFD trades are when you buy an asset-related contract value, not actual assets.

In the moment, BitQT does not offer any information on leverage options for trading. However, similar bots allow trading at up to 1000x the initial stake. It could change based on the broker you’ve chosen however, you can deposit $250 and trade up to $250,000.

Leveraged trading should be approached with caution. This kind of deal seldom pays off, particularly in the event that you fail to complete the transaction yourself. Account holders can lose a significant amount of money through leveraged trading. Try this strategy only if you are able to afford the risk of a substantial loss. There is no guarantee that you’ll earn any profit.

What Are the Spreads?

We were unable to discover any information about spreads offered by BitQT. Each broker, however, sets the spreads they want to set. If you want to know more, talk to the broker. Keep in mind that spreads can fluctuate in line with the rate at which Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency changes upwards and downwards.

Fees, Limits, and Payment Options on BitQT

How Much Does BitQT Cost?

Be aware that BitQT cooperates with brokers that have various fees. These fees must take into consideration prior to signing a contract. There are a few costs to anticipate with brokers who partner with this software include a minimum deposit requirements and transaction charges, inactivity fees and commissions/spreads. Simply put, make sure that the broker you choose is within your budget to ensure a positive experience.

In addition to having the majority of its services for free, BitQT charges a 2 percent commission on any profits you earn through its. It also offers deposit bonuses you need to be watching out to increase your profits. If you’re novice, try using the demo account at BitQT to ensure you are fully prepared for trading in the live market. It’s also the best option to test BitQT to ensure that it meets your requirements for trading in crypto.

Minimum Deposit: USD 250
Trading Fees: 2% Commission on Profits Earned
Account Fees: Zero
Deposit/Withdrawal Fees: Zero
Software Cost: zero
Subscription Cost: Zero

What Are the Payment Methods Accepted By BitQT?

There isn’t any information on the payment options. But you should be able to make use of credit cards and debit card to make deposits. If you’d like more about the payment options available and options, you can reach BitQT via the contact page.

BitQT doesn’t charge charges for withdrawal or deposit although you could be charged by the credit card company you use.

Does BitQT Also Charge Fees and Commissions?

Expect to pay 2.2% commission should you make any money. BitQT will only take the commission when you earn profits.

BitQT Trade Sizes and Limits

BitQT has the minimum trading limit of $250, it does not have a maximal trading limit. The limits could change based on the broker you use. Talk to your broker direct if have any queries.

Platform BitQT

How Does BitQT Work?

BitQT is a bot that analyzes signals of trading from the crypto market and then making automated trades. The bot attempts to earn profit by using algorithmic algorithms as well as APIs. Users are able to choose their own preferences as well as let the robot take the final decisions. The demo account is recommended to test the account until they know how to utilize the platform.

What devices can I use BitQT on?

BitQT claims that the platform is optimized for Web browsers as well as mobile devices. It is accessible via Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE, and any other browser. However, you might experience certain issues with functionality on the mobile version since there isn’t a native mobile application.

BitQT is accessible on the following devices:

  • Laptops
  • Computer
  • Tablets
  • iOS
  • Android

What Exchanges and Brokers Does BitQT Partner With?

We couldn’t find any information about the exchanges or brokers that have that are collaborating with BitQT. Account holders are assigned one of the brokers they choose when you sign-up. If you have any concerns regarding your broker’s status or reputation, you can contact them directly or search for reviews.

Can I Use BitQT in My Country?

BitQT is accessible in a variety of countries that support CFD trading, such as:

  • UK
  • Russia
  • Germany
  • Italy

But, BitQT isn’t accessible in some countries such as China in the USA. Examine the laws in your country to confirm that trading in CFD or crypto is legal.

Country Is BitQT Available?
Can I Use BitQT in the UK No
Can I Use BitQT in Canada Yes
Can I Use BitQT in Australia Yes
Can I Use BitQT in USA No
Can I Use BitQT in South Africa No
Can I Use BitQT in New Zealand Yes
Can I Use BitQT in Philippines Yes
Can I Use BitQT in UAE Yes
Can I Use BitQT in Singapore Yes
Can I Use BitQT in France Yes
Can I Use BitQT in Spain Yes
Can I Use BitQT in Italy Yes
Can I Use BitQT in Germany Yes
Can I Use BitQT in Nigeria Yes
Can I Use BitQT in Mexico Yes

Is BitQT Available in My Language?

BitQT is available in eleven languages. YOu can access a complete listing of languages available from the dropdown menu at the upper-right corner of the home page. The languages are:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • Swedish

How Easy Is It to use BitQT?

BitQT’s primary benefit is the fact that it makes crypto trading simple. This is why it doesn’t provide numerous tools that can complicate the procedure. The interface is simple and clean, particularly when used on laptops or computers. Account holders can also alter trading parameters easily.

BitQT offers charts that can help you make informed decisions and help you better know the market. However live trading implies that you don’t have to utilize these charts if your goal is to trust the bot’s algorithm.

But, trading bots are one of the most risky ways to conduct trades, and you’re most likely to be losing money. They’re not trustworthy and you should concentrate on enhancing your knowledge of trading before relying on an automated trading robot. If you choose to use BitQT, make sure you only trade as much as you can afford.

How Much Profit Can You Make Using BitQT?

BitQT does not guarantee profit for its automated services, however you can increase your profits by being proactive and willing to track trading activity from time time. This will ensure you can spot patterns that will benefit your work and then make swift changes. In general, some people claim to earn as high as 3000 USD per week, however it will be contingent on the amount of capital and the experience.

The amount of money you earn through BitQT will depend on your approach to trading activity and the amount you are willing to invest in capital. As a cryptocurrency trader take note this market can be fluid, and you should make a plan for your possible earnings as well as any tax benefits to IRS, HMRC, or more. To ensure tax compliance, verify the tax regulations of your nation regarding cryptocurrency trading prior to making use of BitQT.

Key Features

BitQT offers a variety of key features. It includes, for instance, easy trade tools and a demonstration account and a unique algorithm created to help traders place trades, and possibly make profits. The top features are:

Streamlined Interface

BitQT has a user-friendly interface that is compatible with many devices. Users don’t require much expertise when using BitQT because they can trade automatically.

Market Analysis, Algorithms, and APIs

BitQT claims to utilize a range of algorithms and APIs to create the most efficient automated trades available to account holders. Alternately, you can define parameters to ensure that the bot will only trade when the requirements are fulfilled.

Demo Trading

Similar to many other bots, BitQT comes with an option to trade demo. Customers can use the demo account to try trading before putting at risk their deposit funds. If you’re trying to figure out your trading plan The demo account can be an ideal way to avoid making mistakes.

Multiple Cryptocurrencies

Although many traders believe BitQT is designed specifically to Bitcoin trades, this isn’t the case. It can be used to automate other transactions on assets like Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, etc. It is recommended to verify whether you can access your favorite cryptocurrency before you commit to this machine. Be aware that all of these crypto currencies are well-known and some are extremely volatile, thereby offering you many trading options.

Security and Regulation

Is BitQT Legit?

Although BitQT might appear authentic on the surface due to its streamlined user interface, but the alarming quantity of reviews that appear to be fake online indicate that the website is not effective. Therefore, we would not recommend using BitQT to make money.

The thing is, BitQT does have disclaimers and cautions users about the dangers of trading in cryptocurrency on its website, which highlights the risk of volatility associated with cryptocurrency assets. Be aware that it is more likely that you will be in the red with trading bots especially if you don’t have a complete trading strategy or have relevant knowledge.

Is BitQT Safe?

BitQT provides plenty of security protections, including verification of your account, KYC protocols, and SSL encryption to ensure that your private information secure.

We did find it difficult to determine if any partners were secure. There is no information on regulation and you are not able to pick your broker in advance. If you’re assigned a broker investigate their name and confirm that they comply with the rules of their area of jurisdiction. Only conduct transactions with brokers that are regulated.

Are My Money and I Protected?

For clarification, it is important to note that BitQT only cooperates with brokers that are regulated by the top authorities, like CySEC, the FCA, CySEC, etc. This means you’re guaranteed the safety of your funds and that you are using the most reliable trading platforms. The most important thing is that BitQT is extremely encrypted to secure your personal information and emails. In addition it is compliant with KYC verification process.

Is BitQT Regulated?

BitQT has no regulatory information on its website. Certain brokers might be subject to rules in their jurisdiction, but it isn’t an assurance. Make sure to conduct your own research prior to being working with a broker and ensure that they comply with the rules.

Do I Have to Verify My Account With BitQT?

Of of course. Account holders need to supply their email address, their complete name and phone number when they register. It is only possible to access the site if you’ve verified your information.

Additionally you’ll also be contact by a representative, who’ll be requesting KYC evidence. If you’re able to pass the KYC assessment, you’ll be required to make a deposit. After that, you can access the demo account, and also enable live trading.

How Does BitQT Work? Trading Strategies and Algorithms

The market for cryptocurrency is extremely active, and BitQT assists you to make the right trading decisions by quickly recognizing patterns that will assist you to succeed. It has advanced strategies and algorithms that ensure greater efficiency and smooth traders. This includes:

  • Automated Trading Tools
  • Arbitrage Trading
  • News Trading
  • Price Trend Analysis

Extra Information

Educational Resources

For additional resources to learn about trading in cryptocurrency, look up the brokers that integrate to the application. They have articles on trading and guides, as well as recorded videos and webinars as well as seminars. Additionally, you can find additional information to increase your knowledge of podcasts, blogs and YouTube channels.

Tools and Charting

If you deposit your money You can use a variety of tools and charts that will help you determine the strategy you use to trade. The platform provides real-time charts to ensure you are aware of the worth of crypto assets that are popular. Brokers also offer CFD tools for leveraged trading that can boost profits, however there is a risk of losing more than you invest in leveraged trading.

Customer Support

BitQT offers a support page on its website that is available to traders that do not have an account. If you sign for an account, you’ll also have access to a support representative who will assist you with any problems or difficulties. Customers can contact BitQT support via email.

BitQT Customer Support Details
BitQT Support Email Available Upon Registration
BitQT Support Contact Number Not Available
BitQT live chat Option Not Available
BitQT Other Support Options… None

Demo Account

If you’re a novice and want to make the required due diligence on the trading robot prior to engaging in it. The good news is that BitQT offers a demo account that is risk free that is funded by virtual money. It is possible to make use of your demo account try the machine and test your proficiency before you enter the live market using your hard-earned cash.

Une enquête de la Mizuho Bank indique que 24 milliards de dollars de chèques de relance américains pourraient être utilisés pour acheter des bitcoins

Posted on 16. März 2021 in Bitcoin

Le 15 mars 2021, Mizuho Securities Co, une entreprise filiale à 100 % de Mizuho Financial Group, a révélé les résultats d’une nouvelle enquête selon laquelle une grande partie de l’argent des mesures de relance se retrouvera sur les marchés boursiers et dans l’économie des crypto-monnaies. Les participants à l’enquête de Mizuho gagnent moins de 150 000 dollars par an et, selon les estimations, 10 % des 380 milliards de dollars de chèques de relance directe iront au bitcoin et aux actions.

L’enquête de Mizuho Securities estime que 24 milliards de dollars de chèques de relance pourraient être utilisés pour acheter des bitcoins

La banque d’investissement japonaise et la société de valeurs mobilières Mizuho Securities ont récemment mené une enquête auprès de 235 personnes gagnant moins de 150 000 dollars par an. L’enquête portait sur les dépenses liées au plan de relance ou sur ce que les Américains devraient acheter avec les chèques directs. Sur le gigantesque plan de relance de 1 900 milliards de dollars signé par le président américain Joe Biden, 380 milliards de dollars sont affectés aux chèques de relance directs. L’enquête publiée récemment indique que la banque estime qu’environ 10 %, soit 40 milliards de dollars, de ces fonds de relance seront investis dans des actions ou dans l’achat de bitcoins (BTC).

„L’enquête prévoit que le bitcoin représentera 60 % du total des dépenses d’investissement supplémentaires. Nous calculons que cela pourrait ajouter jusqu’à 2 ou 3 % à la valeur marchande actuelle de 1,1 billion de dollars du Bitcoin Evolution„, explique Dan Dolev, directeur général de Mizuho.

Après que les Américains ont reçu des chèques de relance directs de 1 200 dollars, puis de 600 dollars, on a supposé que beaucoup de gens ont dépensé leurs fonds en cryptocurrences. Par exemple, à la mi-avril, le PDG de Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, a tweeté au sujet d’un graphique qui montrait un pic de dépôts de 1 200 dollars sur la bourse basée à San Francisco.

Selon le dernier projet de loi, les Américains qui gagnent 75 000 dollars par an ou moins recevront un versement de 1 400 dollars. Les couples qui gagnent 150 000 dollars ou moins par an peuvent obtenir jusqu’à 2 800 dollars et un couple avec deux enfants peut recevoir jusqu’à 5 600 dollars de fonds de relance directs.

Les participants à l’enquête de Mizuho “ préfèrent les bitcoins aux actions „

Il a également été largement rapporté cette semaine que les Américains reçoivent déjà des fonds de relance de la part du gouvernement américain. Sur les 235 participants à l’enquête de Mizuho Securities, 200 ont déclaré s’attendre à des paiements de relance dans les „prochains jours“. Environ deux sur cinq des bénéficiaires directs du chèque de relance disent qu’une partie des fonds sera affectée à des fins d’investissement. L’enquête note également que les participants à l’enquête „préfèrent les bitcoins aux actions.“

En ce qui concerne les actions, les participants à l’enquête ont mentionné l’achat d’actions dans des sociétés comme Square, Paypal, Mastercard et Visa. Avec le bitcoin (BTC) inclus avec ces poids lourds de la finance, la technologie financière (fintech) semble être au premier plan des investissements. Outre Mizuho Securities, le stratège en chef des actions américaines de Goldman Sachs, David Kostin, affirme que les ménages américains vont pousser la demande nette d’actions à de nouveaux niveaux. „Nous pensons que les ménages seront la plus grande source de demande d’actions cette année“, a expliqué M. Kostin.

El precio de BTC podría estar subiendo para un repunte masivo, muestra el indicador

Posted on 1. Februar 2021 in Bitcoin

BTC ha tenido un rendimiento inferior frente a altcoins desde que cayó desde más de $ 42k a mínimos por debajo de $ 30K.

Cualquier intento de una clara ruptura por encima de $ 35K ha fallado hasta ahora, ya que los bajistas trabajan duro para frenar el ascenso de la moneda real

Es posible que los inversores que están aburridos por el comercio mediocre actual en el mercado de BTC no tengan que esperar mucho tiempo para que el BTCUSD vuelva al alza . Un indicador del mercado es la predicción de un retorno al Bull Run, lo que da a los inversores motivos para el optimismo.

Según el índice de ganancias de producción gastado (SOPR) de Bitcoin compartido por la firma de análisis en cadena Glassnode, el comercio actual de rango limitado en bitcoin está casi completo.

El SOPR rastrea si los hodlers están vendiendo sus monedas con ganancias o pérdidas y puede ser una herramienta poderosa para predecir cuándo el precio de BTC está a punto de restablecerse y subir.

Una vez que las manos débiles venden todo lo que pueden, el precio de BTC generalmente aumenta a medida que se reduce la presión a la baja del precio

Al analizar el SOPR, el popular analista de cifrado CryptoHamster estuvo de acuerdo con los datos de Glassnode que muestran que la consolidación actual de BTC terminará pronto.

„Entonces, si estamos en un mercado alcista ahora, según el SOPR, la corrección aún no ha terminado, pero terminará pronto“, tuiteó el analista mientras compartía el gráfico a continuación.


I tori Bitcoin comprano il retest di supporto di BTC a 35.000 dollari mentre gli altcoin spingono più in alto

Posted on 17. Januar 2021 in Bitcoin

Il retest di supporto inferiore di Bitcoin è stato acquistato dai tori, preparando BTC per un’altra spinta a 40.000 dollari.

Le richieste di Bitcoin (BTC) di superare i 40.000 dollari sono state lanciate quando la valuta criptata ha colpito un muro di resistenza che ha scatenato una svendita nelle prime ore di trading.

I dati di Cointelegraph Markets e TradingView mostrano che il prezzo di BTC è sceso fino a 34.368 dollari prima di rimbalzare al suo attuale prezzo di 37.300 dollari.

E‘ possibile che l’eccitazione che circonda l’annuncio di un progetto di legge di stimolo da 1,9 trilioni di dollari da parte dell’amministrazione Biden in arrivo si sia rapidamente trasformato in un „buy the rumor“, vendere l’evento di cronaca mentre cominciano ad emergere domande sulla fattibilità di parti del progetto di legge.

Il calo di Bitcoin arriva anche dopo le rinnovate critiche da parte dei regolatori globali, in quanto il presidente della Banca Centrale Europea Christine Lagarde ha recentemente dichiarato che la principale moneta criptata è „un’attività di riciclaggio di denaro totalmente riprovevole“. Questo è stato seguito da un annuncio del 15 gennaio che un consulente finanziario britannico ha presentato una petizione al governo e al Parlamento del Regno Unito per vietare le transazioni di criptovaluta.

I mercati tradizionali sentono la pressione

Le parole dure dei funzionari governativi non sono state l’unica causa della flessione del mercato delle criptovalute, poiché una scansione dei mercati finanziari globali mostra segni di crescente pressione.

L’S&P 500 e il NASDAQ hanno affrontato la pressione della campana di apertura e hanno chiuso la giornata in ribasso rispettivamente dello 0,72% e dello 0,73%. Il Dow è riuscito a respingere gli orsi per chiudere la giornata in rialzo dello 0,3%.

Un’indagine più ampia sui mercati globali mostra che l’oro e l’argento hanno chiuso l’1,07% e il 3,17%, mentre il petrolio e i titoli del Tesoro statunitense a 10 anni hanno perso il 2,93% e il 3,59%.

Altcoins continua a spingere in alto

Nonostante l’aumento della pressione di vendita in tutto il mercato, diversi altcoin hanno mostrato forza. Chainlink (LINK) ha subito un’impennata durante la notte e attualmente commercia a 20,50 dollari, con un aumento del 13,9% nelle 24 ore. Cosmos (ATOM) ha guadagnato il 21,62% e scambia a 7,81 dollari.

Nel frattempo, Ether (ETH) ha affrontato le stesse pressioni del più ampio Bitcoin. Al momento di scrivere il top-altcoin è sceso del 4,8%% e scambia a 1.172 dollari.

Il tetto complessivo del mercato della crittovaluta si attesta ora a 1.000 miliardi di dollari e il tasso di dominio del Bitcoin è del 68%.


Posted on 11. Januar 2021 in Bitcoin

Bitcoin ETF may weaken price in short term, says JPMorgan

The much desired Bitcoin exchange traded-fund (ETF) could weaken the price of cryptomeda in the short term, but positively impact the market in the long term

JPMorgan analysts believe that the much desired ETF Bitcoin (BTC) could positively impact the price of Bitcoin and the overall market for cryptomycins in the long term. However, analysts also believe that the price of cryptomeda would suffer a short-term loss when the ETF is approved.

According to analysts, a Bitcoin ETF would withdraw institutional funds from the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), a move that could negatively affect the BTC price.

GBTC is the only way for some Wall Street companies to gain exposure to Bitcoin, which has benefited the price of Bitcoin.

Due to regulatory and other restrictions, some Wall Street firms and hedge funds may not own Bitcoin directly or even buy shares in Grayscale. To access the Bitcoin market, your only option is to buy GBTC shares through the secondary markets with a premium.

However, launching a Bitcoin ETF would drastically reduce the premium. Consequently, adversely affecting the attractiveness of GBTC shares. A drop in the GBTC premium would also reduce the glamour of a popular trade.

Some financial institutions currently buy GBTC at net asset value, with the goal of selling after the six-month mandatory lockout period has expired. In this way, they capitalize on the premium and make a profit. However, if the premium on GBTC falls after an ETF entry, the popularity of buying GBTC for Native Asset Value (NAV) will decline dramatically.

According to JPMorgan analysts, GBTC’s premium monetization trade may account for about 15% of GBTC shares in circulation. Analysts added that the prospect of a Bitcoin ETF and the decline in the GBTC premium may cause some institutional investors who entered the market in the second half of 2020 to sell their shares when the six-month blockade expires. Thus, pressing down on the GBTC awards.

Crypto community calling for a Bitcoin ETF

The cryptomoedas community has long wanted an ETF Bitcoin, as it believes it would attract more institutional investors to the market. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has blocked all efforts by institutions like VanEck and Bitwise to launch a Bitcoin ETF.

VanEck has not yet given up, as it proposed another Bitcoin ETF at the end of 2020. Optimism about the SEC approving a Bitcoin ETF this year is high, as a new commissioner is expected to be appointed this year by President-elect Joe Biden.


Valas lähettää 89 999 980 XRP: tä Coinbaselle, koska Bitcoinin ja Ethereumin haltijat siirtävät 500 miljoonaa dollaria salauksessa

Posted on 24. November 2020 in Bitcoin

Massiivinen joukko neljänneksi suurinta kryptovaluutta on yhtäkkiä liikkeellä, nimettömän valaan siirtäessä kymmeniä miljoonia dollareita XRP: tä.

Nimetön korkean liikkuvuuden omaava yksikkö siirsi juuri 89 999 980 XRP: tä 22,5 miljoonan dollarin arvosta vain 5,04 dollarin maksusta.

Siirto havaittiin alun perin valaidenkatselupotilaalla Whale Alert.

Whale Alertin mukaan omistaja siirsi varat Coinbase-lompakosta toiseen saman salausvaihdon omistamaan lompakkoon.

Whale Alert on suunniteltu suodattamaan kylmävarastointitapahtumat salauspörsseistä, mikä osoittaa, että valas on todennäköisesti sijoittaja, joka siirtää varoja pörssissä joko varastointitarkoituksia varten tai käy kauppaa omaisuudella avoimilla markkinoilla.

Bitcoin (BTC) -valaat ovat myös poissa viimeisen 24 tunnin aikana 29974 BTC: n siirtämisen jälkeen 472,8 miljoonan dollarin arvosta. Monet kryptovaluutasta lähetettiin Coinbasesta tuntemattomiin lompakkoihin, mikä viittaa siihen, että omistajat aikovat pitää kiinni Bitcoinistaan.

Tässä on yhteenveto kaikista viimeisen päivän suurimmista BTC-tapahtumista:

  • 14 693 BTC arvoltaan 224,8 miljoonaa dollaria lähetetään tuntemattoman alkuperän lompakosta tuntemattomaan lompakkoon
  • 999 BTC arvoltaan 15,2 miljoonaa dollaria lähetetty Coinbasesta tuntemattoman alkuperän lompakkoon
  • 1000 BTC arvoltaan 15,3 miljoonaa dollaria lähetetty tuntemattoman alkuperän lompakosta Coinbaseen
  • 992 BTC arvoltaan 15,1 miljoonaa dollaria lähetettiin tuntemattoman alkuperän lompakosta Coinbaseen
  • 808 BTC arvoltaan 12,4 miljoonaa dollaria, lähetetty Bitstampilta Coinbaseen
  • 2000 BTC arvoltaan 30,4 miljoonaa dollaria, lähetetty Bitstampilta tuntemattoman alkuperän lompakkoon
  • 999 BTC arvoltaan 15,2 miljoonaa dollaria lähetetty Coinbasesta tuntemattoman alkuperän lompakkoon
  • 999 BTC arvoltaan 15,2 miljoonaa dollaria lähetetty Coinbasesta tuntemattoman alkuperän lompakkoon
  • 875 BTC arvoltaan 13 miljoonaa dollaria lähetetty Coinbasesta tuntemattoman alkuperän lompakkoon
  • 1882 BTC arvoltaan 28,3 miljoonaa dollaria, lähetetty Coinbasesta tuntemattoman alkuperän lompakkoon
  • 2 002 BTC: tä 30,4 miljoonan dollarin arvosta, lähetetty Coinbasesta tuntemattoman alkuperän lompakkoon
  • 2000 BTC arvoltaan 30,8 miljoonaa dollaria, lähetetty Bitstampilta Coinbaselle
  • 725 BTC arvoltaan 11,2 miljoonaa dollaria, lähetetty Bitstampilta Coinbaselle
  • 999 BTC arvoltaan 15,5 miljoonaa dollaria lähetetty Coinbasesta tuntemattoman alkuperän lompakkoon
    Ethereum (ETH) -valaat myös tuntevat läsnäolonsa.

Viimeisen 24 tunnin aikana viisi valasta siirsi 153761 ETH arvoltaan 69,2 miljoonaa dollaria. Kolme siirrosta siirsi salauksen tuntemattomista lompakoista hajautettuun vaihtoon Uniswap.

Yksi siirto siirsi ETH: n salausvaihdosta tuntemattomaan lompakkoon, kun taas viides siirto siirsi salauksen tuntemattomasta lompakosta Etelä-Korean vaihtoon.

  • 22 500 ETH arvoltaan 9,9 miljoonaa dollaria lähetettiin Krakenistä tuntemattoman alkuperän lompakkoon
  • 33 497 ETH 15 miljoonan dollarin arvosta lähetetään tuntemattoman alkuperän lompakosta Uniswapille
  • 46 593 ETH 21,3 miljoonan dollarin arvosta lähetetään tuntemattoman alkuperän lompakosta Uniswapille
  • 40 027 ETH 18 miljoonan dollarin arvosta, lähetetty tuntemattomasta lompakosta Uniswapille
  • 11144 ETH, jonka arvo on 5 miljoonaa dollaria, lähetetty tuntemattomasta lompakosta Coinonelle

Bitcoinin konsolidointi työntää laajemmat salausmarkkinat matalammalle. Kirjoitushetkellä BTC on pudonnut 1,21% ja on 15315 dollaria. Ethereum on laskenut 2% 444 dollarilla ja XRP 0,94% 0,25 dollarilla.


Bitcoin zieht sich zurück, nachdem Joe Biden gewonnen hat

Posted on 8. November 2020 in Bitcoin

Es war eine ziemliche Woche der Geduld für die USA und die ganze Welt im Allgemeinen. Ob die Politik es zu einer schlechten oder guten Woche gemacht hat, hängt von der Ansicht ab, die jeder vertritt. Für die Bitcoin (BTC) -Hodler war es jedoch eine großartige Woche.

Der Preis für die Flaggschiff-Krypto ist in den letzten sieben Tagen um über 8,5% gestiegen

Es bewegt sich jetzt um 15.000 US-Dollar und hat über 100 Tage über 10.000 US-Dollar verbracht. Bei dieser Preisaktion von Bitcoin haben einige Experten einen neuen Anstieg prognostiziert. Andere machen jetzt eine Reise in die Vergangenheit und überprüfen 2016 auf einige positive Anzeichen.

Im Jahr 2016 war es auch eine Zeit der Vorwahlen, und auf die Stabilität folgte eine massive Rallye. Die nächste Widerstandsstufe für Bitcoin beträgt 17.000 US-Dollar. Wird Bitcoin dieses Niveau erreichen? Vieles davon hängt davon ab, wie weit es zuerst fällt.

Die Wale sind optimistisch, da am Wahltag 58.861 BTC aus Binance ausgezogen sind, was erstaunlichen 816 Millionen US-Dollar entspricht. Diese Bewegung könnte das Ergebnis eines Deals sein. Es ist jedoch auch möglich, dass sich Wale auf eine Preisrallye vorbereiten.

Fast 1 Milliarde US-Dollar haben sich zum ersten Mal seit 2015 von einer Silk Road-Brieftasche entfernt. Dies könnte das Ergebnis eines Hacks sein, aber die Zeit wird dies zeigen. Seinerseits ist PayPal optimistisch über die Zukunft des BTC. Die Zahlungsfirma erhöht ihre wöchentlichen Kauflimits von 10.000 USD auf 15.000 USD.

Die Krypto hat auch einen neuen Freund im Senat der Vereinigten Staaten. Die Republikanerin Cynthia Lummis gewann ihr Rennen um Wyoming. Sie hat Bitcoin bereits 2013 erworben und glaubt, dass die digitale Währung zu einem verlässlichen Wertspeicher werden kann.

Blockchain ist auch wach

Aber es ist nicht nur Bitcoin, das derzeit gut abschneidet. Die zugrunde liegende Bitcoin-Technologie ist ebenfalls in Bewegung. Der Associated Press gelang es, mithilfe einer Blockchain die Wahlergebnisse zu veröffentlichen und gleichzeitig sicherzustellen, dass diese Zahlen nicht gehackt werden konnten. Ein Mitglied des australischen Senats , Andrew Bragg, hat unermüdlich die Blockchain vorangetrieben, um die Einhaltung finanzieller Vorschriften zu erleichtern.

Gibraltar ist dem Global Blockchain Business Council als beobachtendes Mitglied beigetreten. Interessanterweise tritt das britische Überseegebiet mehr als 50 Ländern im Rat bei und plant, die Verwendung von Blockchain auf der ganzen Insel zu fördern.

Der lokale Zweig von HSBC in Bangladesch hat es auch geschafft, die erste internationale Blockchain-Handelsfinanzierungstransaktion des Landes durchzuführen. Die Bearbeitung des betreffenden digitalen Akkreditivs dauerte kaum 24 Stunden. Ohne die Verwendung einer Blockchain würde der gleiche Vorgang fünf bis zehn Tage dauern.

Bitcoin und die zugrunde liegende Blockchain könnten auf dem Vormarsch sein. Die dezentralen Finanzmärkte (DeFi) beginnen sich jedoch abzukühlen. Die Gebühren für das Ethereum sind erheblich gesunken, aber Electroneum ist wach und aktiv. Dieses Kryptowährungs-Zahlungsnetzwerk feiert sein drittes Jubiläum. Ziel ist es, die Verwendung seiner ETN-Münze zu erweitern und die AnyTask-Gig-Plattform zu erweitern


Happy Birthday, dear Bitcoin: the first white paper from Cryptomeda turns 12

Posted on 3. November 2020 in Bitcoin

An evaluation of Satoshi Nakamoto’s article of 31 October 2008 that „triggered a revolution in finance.

Only twelve years have passed since 31 October 2008, when Satoshi Nakamoto published a modest nine page article describing a new online payment system called „Bitcoin? Depending on when you read this article, its authors pseudonyms remain unidentified – but they have fomented a revolution in finance or, as some believe, „the biggest blow in history“.

To mark the anniversary of the publication of the paper „Bitcoin: a peer-to-peer ATM system“, the Cointelegraph invited people to comment on whether Satoshi Nakamoto would be pleased with how Bitcoin technology and blockchain have developed and evolved over the past 12 years?

James Angel, associate professor at McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University, told the Cointelegraph: „This has sparked a revolution in finance with the emergence of DeFi applications, smart contracts and currency offerings, and a revolution in payments that is leading to central bank digital currencies. „Gina Pieters, assistant professor of education at the University of Chicago’s economics department, told the Cointelegraph: „He would be pleased to see the evolution and new applications of his vision.

The influence of Bitcoin’s (BTC) white paper goes beyond finance, Garrick Hileman, head of research at Blockchain.com, told the Cointelegraph: „Its impact is worth considering along with other major technical innovations such as the personal computer and the Internet.

Would Satoshi be disappointed?

Satoshi’s vision pointed to a P2P, or decentralized digital money system – as mentioned in the white paper’s title. The problem with established digital commerce was that it depended exclusively on „financial institutions that acted as trusted third parties to process electronic payments,“ wrote Satoshi. This had inherent weaknesses. Transactions could be reversed, banks had to mediate disputes, and transaction costs were high. Satoshi’s solution was presented in the second paragraph of the white paper’s introduction:

„What is needed is an electronic payment system based on cryptographic evidence rather than trust, allowing any two interested parties to transact directly with each other without the need for a trustworthy third party“.

In the 12 years since the paper was published, the need for P2P transactions – without third party interference – has become a kind of article of faith between Bitcoin Victory. But, come to think of it, has this aspect of Satoshi’s vision been fulfilled? David Yermack, professor of finance at the Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University, told the Cointelegraph:

„I think the biggest source of disappointment for Nakamoto would be the increasing centralization of blockchain governance in entities like mining pools and even central banks, which are about to launch their own cryptomaps. Nakamoto’s mission was to challenge the hegemony of central banks and, ironically, the largest issuers of digital coins appear to be the central banks themselves. ”

Angel went further: „Satoshi would be horrified by the policy of concentrated mining pools that currently dominate the Bitcoin protocol. While Pieters added that Satoshi would be disappointed with the „primary Bitcoin transactions not taking place through point-to-point trade, but rather intermediated by exchanges or centralized companies.

Frustrating Fraud

The issue of digital transaction fraud has always loomed large, and in the Bitcoin white paper, Satoshi proposed a way to solve the classic „double spending“ problem – where scoundrels spend the same coin twice, something not difficult to do with electronic coins. He did this using a „point-to-point distributed time stamp server capable of generating computational proof of the chronological order of transactions“. Thus, Satoshi explained, „transactions that are computationally impossible to reverse protect vendors from fraud.

Solving the problem of double spending today is considered one of Satoshi’s greatest achievements. Bitcoin’s blockchain has never been hacked (although the same cannot be said for the many crypto exchanges that trade BTC). Even so, digital payment fraud has not been eliminated from the system. Would that have discouraged the founder of Bitcoin?

Angel said that Satoshi „would have been disappointed that Bitcoin did not become a means of daily payment, but rather a store of value for fearful fat people and tax evaders.“ Moreover, Satoshi „would have been saddened by the increased inequality that the history of Bitcoin has created, with some early adopters becoming whales and the other 99.99999% of the population not doing so. Still, it is assumed that the creator of Bitcoin – whether male, female or group – would have been amazed at the extent of BTC adoption, as Yermack described:

„Nakamoto would be surprised at the growth of blockchain projects and the many thousands of coins and digital tokens that have been created in the image of Bitcoin. One suggestive evidence is that Nakamoto fixed the size of the blocks in the Bitcoin blockchain at 1 MB in 2010 and mysteriously commented that ‚we can always increase that later, when we need it. ”

He had no idea that the blockchain would be overburdened in the next five or six years, Yermack continued, „and that a contentious debate, still unresolved today, would result in different views on how best to further expand the blockchain’s capacity. ”

Over the past 12 years, most of Satoshi’s original software code has been changed or replaced, Hileman added, but even so, Bitcoin has retained its fundamental qualities, including “its fixed supply of 21 million coins, open access and tamper resistance/censorship. I believe Satoshi would be happy with the ongoing software optimizations and enhancements for these fundamental basic features that continue today. ”

Was Satoshi an environmentalist?

Although the white paper says a lot about transaction fees, CPU power, network nodes, proof chains and even the problem of player ruin, it doesn’t say much about the surrounding world, including the environment. Angel says Satoshi would be shocked at the environmental damage caused by the Bitcoin mining arms race, adding: „With current hash rates and mining efficiency, Bitcoin mining alone consumes about seven gigawatts of electricity, which is equivalent to seven Chernobyl plants.

And while little is known about Satoshi’s policy, its creation, in the form of the first crypto blockchain, would also be disturbed by the central bank’s idea of digital coins, and in some cases, „these coins are designed for repressive governments to engage in even more surveillance and control over their populations,“ Angel added.

Focusing on the white paper itself, Franklin Noll, a monetary historian and president of Noll Historical Consulting, told the Cointelegraph: „His concern was for fast, anonymous, low-cost, unmediated and non-reversible transactions. So far, Bitcoin’s transactions – and many other blockchain transactions – have not been considered so fast, anonymous or low-cost. „He added:

„I believe Satoshi would like to see more use of non-custodial portfolios to store and trade Bitcoin,“ added Hileman, who explained that custodian companies that manage private cryptographic keys on behalf of Bitcoins owners „resemble traditional banks. Meanwhile, he believes that „Satoshi was not a fan of trusted third-party financial intermediaries.

What is Satoshi’s legacy?

After just over a decade, what is the significance of Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper? In the financial sphere, „He encouraged financial firms and central banks to prioritize the evaluation of their technology, considering both increased digitization and digital platforms,“ Pieters said, continuing: „In some cases, such as the renewal of CBDC exams, this has led to the exploration of new systems, even if not directly the adoption of blockchain technology. ”

„Bitcoin and blockchain have fundamentally changed the monetary world,“ Noll added. „Terms like proof of work, distributed accounting technology, decentralised finance, programmable money and smart contracts are now part of anyone’s serious lexicon about the future of money and finance. Hileman added:

„We are also just beginning to understand the potential impact of blockchain technology on areas outside finance, such as digital identity, addressing the problem of false news and tampering with public elections.

„The publication of Nakamoto’s 2008 article was a major turning point in financial record keeping,“ said Yermack of NYU. „We are just beginning to understand the ramifications, but they seem to be vast.“

A surprisingly modest document

You will not find the word „revolution“ in Satoshi’s article. There is nothing about reversing the economic order or reducing the gap between rich and poor. It is an unpretentious treatise on electronic payments – how they can work effectively.

On his own terms, Satoshi has had great success. He promised a viable P2P digital payment system and delivered on it. Bitcoin’s market value is $251 billion 12 years after the idea was revealed.

Whether Bitcoin is also harming the environment, encouraging money laundering or sustaining political regimes goes beyond the scope of his article. What can be said is that economic decentralization continues to present governance challenges. How „point by point“ does society really want? The global community will have to decide.

Twelve years after the publication of „Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System,“ it is worth remembering that „it is a saying of history that revolutions do not always happen as their founders planned,“ Noll told the Cointelegraph.


Bitcoin ist für ein Nischenpublikum! Hier ist, für wen es ist

Posted on 28. Oktober 2020 in Bitcoin

Die jüngste Bitcoin Investor-Studie von Grayscale hat ein gutes Bild für Bitcoin in Bezug auf die Akzeptanz gezeichnet. Mehr als die Hälfte [55%] der US-amerikanischen Investoren interessierten sich 2020 für Bitcoin-Anlageprodukte, verglichen mit 36% im Jahr 2019. Hauptgründe für diesen Anstieg waren die Pandemie, die die Menschen dazu drängte, nach neuen Investitionsmitteln zu suchen, und Bitcoin Nach dem Absturz von COVID-19 wurden nachweislich bessere Gewinne erzielt.

Trotz des Anstiegs bei der Einführung von Bitcoin Circuit haben bestimmte demografische Merkmale ein mangelndes Interesse an Bitcoin-Anlageprodukten zum Ausdruck gebracht. Laut der Umfrage von Grayscale waren nur 40% der Anleger in der Altersgruppe der 55- bis 64- Jährigen, die die älteste der untersuchten Sektion war, mit Bitcoin vertraut. Dieser Wert war der niedrigste in jeder Altersgruppe. Darüber hinaus gaben nur 30% der 55- bis 64-Jährigen an, Bitcoin-Anlageprodukte in Betracht zu ziehen.

Die obige Grafik lieferte ein besseres Bild des Interesses, das Bitcoin unter den Massen geweckt hat. Hier können wir feststellen, dass die Anhänger von Bitcoin hauptsächlich aus jüngeren Generationen stammten, die von Millenials bis GenX reichten.

Bitcoin betrifft Boomer

Wir haben gewusst, dass die Einführung von Technologie schwierig war, da wir die Altersskala höher legen. Dies schien jedoch kein großes Problem für Krypto zu sein. Die Bedenken spiegelten jedoch die Umstände älterer Anleger wider, die Zugang zu Kapitalerträgen hatten, um sich dem Ruhestand zu nähern.

Während andere Bedenken hinsichtlich der Bitcoin-Volatilität fast 81% der Desinteressierten belasteten. Mit Blick auf die Marktleistung von Bitcoin im Jahr 2020 hat der Vermögenswert jedoch eine hohe Reife widergespiegelt, da die großen positiven oder negativen Ankündigungen vom Bitcoin-Markt absorbiert wurden. Die Nachrichten über die Investitionen von Square in Bitcoin oder die Untersuchung von OKEx hatten keinen wesentlichen Einfluss auf den BTC-Wert. Aufgrund dieser Bedenken als Anlagevermögen gaben 84% an, BTC sei „zu riskant für ihr Anlageprofil“.

Männliche Investoren, die in einem ländlichen Gebiet im Alter von 51 Jahren leben und über ein investierbares Vermögen zwischen 100.000 und 250.000 US-Dollar verfügen, gaben den Grund an, Bitcoin in Schach zu halten:

„Es ist nicht greifbar, zu viele Variablen mit seinem Wert.“

Während weibliche Investoren in ländlichen Gebieten im Alter von 37 Jahren mit einem investierbaren Vermögen von 25.000 und 50.000 US-Dollar vor den Cyber-Angriffen zurückhaltend waren.

„Unser Firmencomputersystem wurde von jemandem gehackt, der ein Lösegeld in Bitcoin wollte. Ich vertraue es nicht. “

Obwohl die Millenials laut Untersuchungen vorschreiben, in den nächsten Jahrzehnten fast 68 Billionen US-Dollar von Babyboomern zu erben, wird die derzeitige Adoption gestoppt. Obwohl die Sicherheit des Vermögenswerts nicht nur für Boomer, sondern auch für die Millenials eines der Hauptanliegen war, wurden die regulatorischen Bedenken und keine staatliche Aufsicht über Bitcoin zu dieser Liste hinzugefügt.

Annahme auf dem richtigen Weg?

Bei bestehenden Problemen scheint die Annahme einige Hindernisse getroffen zu haben, aber unter aktiver Beteiligung von Finanzinstituten werden einige dieser Bedenken gelöst. Das jüngste Interesse von MicroStrategy oder DBS, eine eigene Krypto-Börse auf den Markt zu bringen, hat die Krypto positiv beeinflusst und die Sicherheit des digitalen Assets geboten, was einen großen Teil davon überzeugen könnte.

Angesichts des unerwarteten Szenarios einer Pandemie haben viele Anleger definitiv in die Richtung von Bitcoin getrieben, und angesichts der sich wandelnden Weltwirtschaft könnten viele einen Platz für Bitcoin in ihren Anlageportfolios offen halten.


Utforska Bitcoin Cyber City och söka efter Satoshi

Posted on 24. Oktober 2020 in Bitcoin

Jag letade efter en virtuell värld fylld av Bitcoiners som planerade en revolution. Det jag hittade var ännu konstigare.

„Livet är en blockchain och sedan dör du.“

Dessa skarpa, grymma ord är de första sakerna jag ser när min kroppslösa, virtuella form flyter in i den hemliga Bitcoin Cyber ​​City.

De tre nästa saker jag bevittnar är ännu mer bisarra. Ett kattformat rosa neonljus blinkar ut på gatan, det finns ett skelett som faller över styret på en motorcykel och de enorma gula ögonen på en jättepumpa stirrar ner mig. Jag känner mig nervös, en outsider i denna gudomgivna värld.

Jag svävar längs trottoaren och hugger en stig genom den skuggiga dimman som sveper över asfalten. Tystnaden är dövande. Det säger mig att jag är – mycket till min förvåning – ensam i denna virtuella värld. Men vad gör jag här? Varför gick jag in i denna spöklika stad?

Det var för några dagar sedan när en tweet fångade min uppmärksamhet. Det gav mig instruktioner om hur jag skulle gå in i en virtuell värld, som jag aldrig hade hört talas om, kallad Bitcoin Cyber ​​City. Med mellanrum på lockdown och allt som gick virtuellt, kanske det var här armén av dedikerade Bitcoiners – som vanligtvis spenderar sin tid på att delta i evenemang över hela världen – hade migrerat till.

Jag föreställde mig en värld där de enda böckerna handlade om österrikisk ekonomi, där „ICO“ var ett förbannat ord och där en kopia av Bitcoin-vitboken inbäddade i varje hotelllåda.

Och sedan tänkte jag. Bland liv och rörelse i en blomstrande Bitcoin-stad skulle någon avatar kunna lura obemärkt – se utan att ses. Och vad händer om själva uppfinnaren av Bitcoin bland alla dessa virtuella medborgare satt bland dem och såg samhället byggt kring hans skapelse utvecklas? Vad händer om jag skulle komma ansikte mot ansikte med Satoshi Nakamoto själv? Eller hon själv? Eller själva?

Så det är därför jag är här.

En spänning mellan världar

Jag lyfter huvudet mot himlen och min blick vilar på en „In Bitcoin We Trust“ -affisch som gör masken känd av Anonym. Jag påminns om Bitcoins ödmjuka början som en valuta som styrs av privatlivet och ett förkastande av statens nyfikna ögon, när jag tänker på Satoshis ord: ”Vi kan vinna en stor kamp i vapenloppet och få ett nytt territorium med frihet för flera år. ”

Jag vänder på huvudet. Dessa tankar uppvägs av en affisch som hänger högt uppe på gatan och varnar mig för att Zuckerberg tittade. Jag inser att affischen hängde högt ovanför en polisbil som var parkerad vid sidan av vägen. Även här, i en bitcoinerns libertariska utopi, påminner objekten för massövervakning mig om det underliggande behovet av integritet.

Den snabba övergången från en affisch med anonyma teman till vad som ser ut som en scen från Minority Report fokuserar mitt sinne på Cryptosoft pseudoanonyma natur. Ja, min Bitcoin-identitet kan vara anonym, men min Bitcoin-aktivitet, för alltid inloggad i en offentlig blockchain, kommer alltid att övervakas, aldrig riktigt privat.

Jag vänder blicken bort från konstverket för övervakningsteman och hälsas av en annan användare som stirrar direkt på mig. Det visade sig att jag spionerades på. Kanske var det naivt av mig att tro att jag var ensam trots allt.

Jag går fram till honom och undrar en kortvarig sekund om det ens finns en liten chans att detta kan vara Satoshi. Men det känns inte rätt, staden är för tom och öde.

Användarens namn är eSwincicki. Jag lägger till honom som en vän och går upp och säger hej. Kanske skulle han släppa in mig i den här stadens hemligheter, vi skulle hitta en speakeasy bar och prata Bitcoin till de tidiga timmarna. Han ignorerar min vänförfrågan och går iväg – plötsligt hoppar eller glider i fjärran.

Jag ser mig omkring; det måste finnas något jag saknar här.

Monster lurar i mörkret

Jag svänger till vänster och pausar ett ögonblick för att uppskatta en Lamborghini vid sidan av vägen. Det är en symbol för Bitcoin-drömmen, tanken att vem som helst, var som helst kan investera och bli rik. Men eftersom de utlovade Lambos inte har visat sig för många investerare, verkar den digitala superbilen som ett emblem av förlorade drömmar.

Sedan dyker två massiva spindlar ut ur ingenstans.

De är svarta, med huggtänder på min hand grundade och redo att fånga sitt byte. Deras orange armar ser tillräckligt långa ut så att de kan nå ut och ta tag i mig på ett ögonblick. Deras kroppar, var och en lika stor som en bil, utmanar mig att nöja mig med en alternativ rutt. Jag överdriver inte när jag säger att dessa spindlar är enorma. Man tar upp hela gatans bredd.

Jag dras till dem. Jag kommer närmare och går under en. Medan jag passerar under spindelns massiva huvud distraheras jag av ett annat bit Bitcoin-inspirerat konstverk till vänster om mig. „KYC: inte skicka, du har ett val!“ det står.

Det är viktigt att notera här att jag är en tidigare tillsynsmyndighet vid Gibraltar Financial Services Commission. Tanken på någon som motsätter sig KYC var en vild proposition för mig. Jag tror att KYC är viktigt, så affischen var ännu skrämmare än den gigantiska spindeln jag stod under. Innan jag vet ordet av går jag igenom oskadad och siktar på Dirty Fiat Boulevard.

Raseri mot fiatmaskinen

Härifrån in, det mesta av det jag hittar i Bitcoin Cyber ​​City är inställt i strid med traditionell fiatvaluta. Ett arv efterlämnat av Satoshi Nakamoto innan han försvann spårlöst.

Sedan vänder jag ett hörn och kommer ansikte mot ansikte med Satoshi själv.

Bitcoins skapare är tryckt, verklighetstrogen, på en affisch som sitter fast mot en vägg. Hans armar är utsträckta och pekar direkt mot mig i likhet med farbror Sam. Hans budskap är att „Endast Bitcoin kan rädda dig från ekonomisk förstörelse.“

Visste Satoshi något jag inte visste? Varför var jag på väg mot ekonomisk förstörelse? När jag blir frustrerad med så många obesvarade frågor tar jag ut min telefon och meddelar Swisscryptocat, den pseudonyma skaparen av denna värld, på Twitter.

„Motivationen var att skapa en VR-värld där Bitcoiners skulle känna sig bekväma, som skulle vara öppna permanent så att människor kunde komma ikapp där när som helst för att diskutera Bitcoin,“ berättar han.

Så jag hade rätt, till viss del, att målet var att alla skulle mingla här. Bara det tar inte fart, åtminstone inte just nu. Kanske kan några nya byggnader – och ett monetärt incitament – fixa det.

„Jag lade också till 4 hemliga rum (+ ett som kommer snart) som du kan hitta på att utforska staden och du kan vinna gratis Bitcoin Satoshis genom att hitta dem, för att ge människor ett incitament att utforska varje gathörn“, säger han.

n världen söker efter dessa dolda rum samtidigt som du håller ett öga på Satoshi.

En satoshi för dina problem

Längs min väg finns det många byggnader som jag inte kan komma in i, men beröm för krypto över fiat finns bakom varje fönster jag tittade igenom. Ett rum är mästare på ett ganska stort konstverk, inspirerat av Illuminatis alla se Eye of Providence, med en nick till Bitcoins blockchain.

”I matematik litar vi på”, förklarar affischen.

Jag misstänker att jag har nått utkanten av staden, med mitt enda alternativ att vända mig och gå tillbaka dit jag först stötte på jättespindlarna.

Inte så fort. Jag ser en QR-kod och jag är nyfiken. Jag går mot den.

Inspirerad av namnet Bitcoins skapare var QR-koden som var klädd på väggen i en av stadens största byggnader en satoshi-kran. Detta kommer tillbaka till Bitcoins tidiga dagar då Bitcoin-kranar gav ut gratis Bitcoin. En tidig gav till och med ut fem Bitcoin åt gången, ett belopp som nu är värt 57 000 USD.

”Du kan använda den här kranen tills den tar slut! Skicka den till dina vänner, skriv ut på en affisch, etc, ”sa affischen.

Jag tar ut en satoshi med hjälp av Bitcoin-blixtnätverket. Ett meddelande ovanför QR-koden säger att jag bara kan ha en satoshi per minut. Efter tiden har jag tagit ut en annan.

Men jag hade en känsla av att detta inte skulle göra mig rik. Jag tänkte tillbaka på affischen „I matematik litar vi på“ och tänkte att jag kunde beräkna den. Jag räknar ut att det till nuvarande priser skulle ta mig cirka 190 år att tjäna en hel Bitcoin. Och kranen skulle förmodligen klippa ut långt innan det.

Vid denna tidpunkt bestämmer jag mig för att lämna världen som vissa spekulerar kommer att vara vår framtid. Jag hoppas att om det händer kommer det att finnas färre gigantiska spindlar. Och även om jag kanske inte har hittat Satoshi, hittade jag åtminstone några satoshier.