TON Blockchain Launches On-Chain Encrypted Messaging: Secure Communication Redefined

6. Juli 2023 Aus Von admin

• TON Blockchain has unveiled a new on-chain encrypted messaging feature to provide more secure communication.
• This feature is accessible using wallets such as MyTonWallet, OpenMask, standard web, and desktop wallets.
• The TON Community has proposed a deflationary mechanism in June that will burn 50% of all transaction fees.

TON Blockchain Unveils On-Chain Encrypted Messaging

TON blockchain has launched a new messaging feature that enables users to send transaction details and messages on the blockchain with an added layer of encryption for enhanced privacy. This upgrade makes use of end-to-end encryption to safeguard messages from being accessed by the public. The network fee for this transaction is 0.006 TON and it can be used with wallets such as MyTonWallet, OpenMask, standard web, and desktop wallets. Mobile wallet users will have access to the message encryption in upcoming updates.

A Layer Of Personalization To Transactions

Anatoly Makosov, a core developer of TON, has disclosed that the new messaging feature provides users with an additional layer of personalization when sending transactions. Messages like “For your school fees” or “for your birthday” can be added to transactions to make them more personal and meaningful for recipients.

Deflationary Mechanism To Burn 50% Of Transaction Fees

The TON Community proposed a deflationary mechanism in June which would burn 50 percent of all transaction fees sent through the network in order to advance the ecosystem. This would involve sending Toncoins into some wallets with burn functions which are unusable and cannot be accessed again (similar to ‘black hole’ mechanisms experimented by some projects).

Open Network Built By Telegram Team & Completed By TON Foundation

It is important to note that whilst The Open Network was created by the Telegram team, it was completed by the TON Foundation . It provides better scalability and transaction speed compared to other networks in Web3 ecosystems.

Conclusion In conclusion, this new messaging feature from TON blockchain is an upgrade from existing platforms as it encrypts messages end-to-end for more secure exchanges between users along with providing additional layers of personalization when sending transactions across its network at a low cost fee rate (0.006TON).